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Rev. James LatimerThis book is for any pastor feeling overly stressed, or that ministry is 'too hard,' or that his or her church is in the process of dying."

Jim Latimer, Pastor


Senior pastors, executive pastors, associate pastors, worship leaders, administrative staff and anyone in any type of leadership position within their congregation

6 Out of 10 churches Will Close Over the Next 10 Years!
That’s the Prediction.

  • Consider the impact on the members of the church.
  • Consider the larger impact on the surrounding community.

The reasons for this epidemic fall into several categories:

  1. Loss of mission,
  2. Distraction from primary focus,
  3. Difficulty implementing strategic action steps,
  4. Sizeable obstacles,
  5. Clergy turn-over and
  6. Leadership development issues.

These issues can be turned around, but only if you're ready to do things differently.

Are you finally ready to explode the myths that have been keeping you and your church stuck?

Introducing: The E3-Church: Empowered, Effective and Entrepreneurial Leadership That Will Keep Your Church Alive

This extraordinary, FREE e-book will guide you through a series of mind shifts that will save you from making the same mistakes as these closing churches.

Nate YoderIf churches and pastors embrace these shifts, they will be positioned to have a long-term, fruitful ministry. I encourage you to wrestle with the wisdom contained in this book and implement it in your life and church."

Nate Yoder, Bishop
Atlantic Conference Brethren in Christ

Each mind shift will help you be the kind of church leader who can:

  • Create a culture of people who are empowered, active and effective participants in the process of change
  • Achieve a new level of personal fulfillment and professional success
  • Keep your church open during these challenging times, to survive and actually thrive.

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Dr. Jim RobeyVal, what a great resource this is… a simple and profound articulation for the leadership of lay and clergy in the 21st-century church."

Dr. Jim Robey
United Methodist Minister and Coach

Rev. Geneva M. ButzThis book reads so easily, and I think it resonates with what many of today's pastors are facing. There are many unknowns when pastors contemplate the future of their church. The chapter titles spell out the shifts that are needed to move from status quo ministry to effective, relevant, spirit-filled ministry. The questions at the end of each shift are powerful and could be especially helpful as focus questions for clergy support groups."

Rev. Geneva M. Butz, Associate Conference Minister
Pennsylvania Southeast Conference, UCC

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